Lemon Tree Insurance

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Author spudzalot
Tags author:spudzalot filthy lemon stealing unrated whores
Created 2010-10-02
Last Modified 2010-10-02
Map Data

Description Didnt know what to do with this. :(

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man tell me that technique

Just ChrisE.

If we skype we can watch each other map!


I miss your maps

I made this [] map from this one Tiles are awesomee

Fuck synchros

i was playing my friends little brother with some samarai deck i'd never seen before, and i was winning and then by some bullshit he get's 3 synchros on the field in a turn, so i threw the deck at the wall and walked away :(

Oh GOD!!!

spudzalot love one of my maps !!!
You mean this right?
thanks friend, you like, you have rated??
and, I invite you to try to get AGD. Advice to complete the map: Try to be a little more aggressive with these Thwumps.
Good Luck,

Or I could play Yugioh and masturbate. That sounds better. ;)


spudzzzzzzzzz oughta make a map today if he's gonna lurk around numa


this is really cool
When's it gonna be here? :O

Trying to stir up interest in reviewing again. You guys are on the Who's Who but haven't reviewed in a while. If you're inactive but want to keep your spot, let me know. If you don't want to keep your spot, also let me know. If you are active, head over to the queue and grab as many spots as you can.

I left the lemons.
Skyler has one.

good times

it's cool to look back at the dynamics of NUMA back then :)

Yep 7 lemons. Pretty good guesses the rest of you. ;P

<3 script, such an awesome song lol.

Ah. Cue my Cajun Man voice.

"Eight lem/ohns/."

totally eight. IWBTNINJA was almost right, but you ate one of them right?
when you get back from your trip.

45 lemons

for the 45th state!

gag on his cock,

you lemon stealing whore!

7 lemons

nice clean tiles

Im from Utah. Woo Utah.

And no not 69. >.>



69 lemons

Implying you're mexican. But you're name is spudzalot. Implying you're from the united kingdom. Ugh, what a contradiction.

Remember dedications? Yah.

How many lemons?

First person to get the right answer gets a ded. :O