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Author _destiny^-
Tags a7x author:_destiny^- collab destiny nightmare race rated
Created 2010-10-05
Last Modified 2011-02-01
by 22 people.
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Description Collab between myself and etdeshon []!

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I liked it a lot

not as much as I liked the other one though, this one had some cool mechanics (top thwumps obv), but was less intuitive. There were a few bits I wasn't so big on as well, mainly the furthest right jump (next to the mine-fall, which was awesome btw) which you had to be a little too precise with for my liking (not that I don't like precise jumps in races, just not suited to this one so much). Also I'd of put a mine on the 5 tile above the bounceblock/floorguard trapdoor, just because the first time round I jumped into the tile and basically instantly lost the flow. It was definitely cool though, just prefer the other. Thanks for the tip though, kinda feel like making a race now after playing this haha
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Quite nice...

I think it's almost ready... Don't know what else it needs.

Collab? :3 <3


this is fucking amazing. 5aved
yungerkid: i really liked fiction
yungerkid: i even favourited it
yungerkid: best race i've ever seen
Destiny: woah
Destiny: i wouldn't put it that high
yungerkid: i certainly would
yungerkid: unless i'm forgetting one
yungerkid: and i'm pretty sure i'm not
yungerkid: it's very creative
yungerkid: very polished
yungerkid: very fun
yungerkid: no flaws

Occasionally you did something really creative with this but there were one or two critical jumps that weren't any fun. 4.


this happens everytime =/
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The rocket

is really well placed imo. I disliked the very bottom section the second time around, I kept going straight and up the small tile ramp to be shot by the gauss beneath the oneway. And falling to the bottom section if you hold left too early, you miss the tiles and fall to a death.
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Agd (underclocked)

One of the greatest race i've played in a while.
I agree with Godless but also a bit whith what Da_man says. Anyways rocky tiles fit good with this race and it's very uncommon to see new aesthetic for race now so... 5aved.
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loved the map

simply loved it 5/5
but I alsow agree with da_man on the tile bit
and with ewerione else about the twumps..

VERY NIce race to play. Very nice. 4.6/5

very cool ideas

In terms of the flow and those thwumps, 4/5
everyone loved em! took me about an hour to line em up and execute them right, but GREAT! lol! xD

beside from that demo before i have to say: WOW! those top thwumps blew my mind! they worked perfectly every single time!

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This is one of the best races I've ever played. Tonight is a good night for maps it seems. o_o

Very fun

I especially liked the thwump section at the top. I must take off a point though, because I am really very bored with the rocky syle aesthetics. It makes even some of the most exciting races feel bland to me.



my brain is either slow, or this race is very challenging...

a slower

demo. :P
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Oh btw

the thwump section was nice


Nice race. At parts, you can slow down quite a bit


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