Red Light Indicates Tortoises Are In Love

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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru laser love playable rated tbc tortoise
Created 2010-10-06
Last Modified 2011-09-05
by 12 people.
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Description This is dedicated to TheBlackLion [], who organised an awesome contest called TBC []. Thank you so much, dude. It was a pleasure to work together with you.

Title Arctic Monkey-inspired.

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That is just good

thanks for making it.

i got the agd =P

also, by third do you mean the serond mine one or the one with the bounce blocks? meh, i got an agd =P

awesome level :D

keep up the good work man this is wicked :D


These are the best tiles... ever. Love... so funny and yet playable.
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This is 5aved of course !
I'm so proud to map is a Ded to me because this is more than awesone. Like Romaniac says this map is divised in 3 different concept and there are brilliant, different, fun, beautiful... Also tiles are excellent.
I will put this on my profile page and again thanks for all the help you bring to this contest, it was also a pleasure for me.

It's just a gold pattern. Lord Csabi uses my conceptual clouds and I don't bother.

i think the section with hearts is like your style, PALEMOON


And I still map quite a Bit bud haha xD I've been compiling a mappack though so a lot of maps are deferred to that. Also, I loooooved that first mine haha!
Ill give yer archive a whirl some time I dont think I've ever played a map of yours... thats just WRONG!


It feels like

three separate maps.
The laser one is by far the best. The rest is...meh.
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i didn't read the description carefully

nah, I don't mind.

I left almost the entire time of it, and I don't have much to show for it.


good luck in the contest

4,5/5 rounded up

I don't like the heart shape, but they perfectly worked here as a gold pattern.

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