Constricted Access

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n image imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-10-06
Last Modified 2010-10-06
by 16 people.
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Loved it.


Im trying to do the longest demo possible. I need a new strategy...
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Milestone in recent nreality history.
Cleverest use of alarm drone of all time.

Really cool.

That drone is epic.

Thanks everyone <3

My first rated map in a month :)

Very, very...

well done. 5/5 man.

excelllent map.

for many reasons.


your way but faster :P. Interesting map, it's a cool concept for a puzzle and all, but I did feel like the gameplay could have been better.
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I didn't look at any demos and I left two doors locked so that coupled with how I don't think I could possibly shave ~500 frames from my route leads me to believe that your solution is different...
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iban, I love this map. Well done.

I added some extra frames for effect, you'll see when you watch.
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Fucking epic

Reminded me of Alien 3 with all the red and the alarm drone. 5/5 man well done
I loved it, thanks for the demo. I could not have beaten the leve with out it. 5/5.
But here is my demo in case you get stuck.
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