Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Author Ferox
Tags 199 action author:ferox hearts rated sky tricky
Created 2010-10-07
Last Modified 2010-10-08
by 5 people.
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Description 199 not playtested. AGDs = Kudos

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too much gold. Take it easy.


I cant say anything bout the map. It's 10:30 pm here in SA; I'm using my iTouch to write this :s

I doubt I'll wake up in time. Sorry.

Ah, yes.

In case I miss it, happy NUMA-anniversary, bro.

nice map!

Demo Data
I like how the tiles came out, they look really cool. Particularly the rock formation floating in the top left with the three gold above it. Gold was ok, though the three gold on the rock and the two by the rocket don't match the rest that much (as well as the four by the trigger on the inside). The enemies were well done, the gauss was dangerous but not overly so and same with the rocket. The single one way on the bottom left of the central structure doesn't really fit in with the rest of it imo. The single two tile below a trigger in the central area doesn't fit in with the tiles either. Lastly the mine in the rock formation with the three gold could be more centralized inside it (it appears a little close to that 6-tile).

Thanks for asking me! :)

I love it. ;)

Cant wait to see you'r 200th! : D


Better... But I felt as if the lasers are quite inconvenient at times.
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I've redesigned the enemies and bounceblocks. []
I'm okay with that, but sometimes you should rather emphasize your own map making abilities rather than copy elements of other maps. I know you're a good mapper! Make a map that is totally inspired by yourself and I promise you, it will be one of your best!

What enem(ies) would you suggest there be?

Thanks. I did not playtest so now I will make my edits.


The map begs to be a bouncy and jovial map blessed with sunshine, but it gets marred by clumsy aesthetics, bad mine placement and bounceblock clumping which shatters hopes of being the great playground it could be. As a result of the object placement, the rocket-gauss combo tends to be irritating and tedious.
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I simply

hate that gauss.
had a lovely little go cart
he took it out without a word
and rode it all around strassburg
and as he hurtled down the straza
his papa leopold came after
he said my boy, get off that toy
go home at once and write a symphony or two
then sister anne came running double quick
she said papa the harpsichords been nicked
last night, twas swiped
poor brother wolfgang, twill break heart
said amadeus actually
there wasn't any burglary
what do you think i used to make this cart.

...or something like that