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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch easy launchpads playable playground unrated
Created 2010-10-10
Last Modified 2010-10-10
Map Data

Description Just a little playground. The tileset works with very few enemies, so very few enemies is what I used.

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y so badass

Demo Data

ahaha what?

I love the tiles and the title.
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Looks like

our Ninja is being attacked by sperm.



Thanks Frets.

I hit a few more launch-pads than I was trying to, but this is roughly my route. :)
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sorry for spamming your map with demos, good fun. It does work well on it's own.
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Demo Data


Demo Data
was enjoyable on it's own as well. a very cool tileset.
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It takes some balls to make a map like this, in my opinion. Kudos, sir.

Sorry rocket!

I broke your demo with another very small edit. :(

impressions demo

cool stuff.
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I made a few gameplay edits.