Sugar Loaf Plains

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped collaboration easy playable rated sky
Created 2010-10-10
Last Modified 2010-10-10
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Uhh.. I'm admittedly a little lost mapping right now. Play, give me some feedback, maybe I can get myself back into a groove. ( Blackson )

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thank you sir

for playing some of my maps. much appreciated!

Tough stuff but still a blast to play. 5

bit faster
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not as much*


I was a /great/ mod.

However, I'm as much a part of this community as I was or should be, and I will let you know if I ever regain the desire.

You're doing a great job though, you don't need fossils like me. :p
im good at doing nothing

Oh, Ferox have already asked about that :)
URL of Ferox's map placed wrong (when you click it, romaniac's entry shows up).

Who is responsible? Also is that post editable?

You messed up the link to my map. Also, when do we get the userbars?
Awesome. The only bit I don't really like is the key placement in the top right but at the same time its genius. I was too busy playing the other numacon maps to play it then but I'm glad I decided to come back to it.
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just wondering if you wanted to collab sometime. I already have a start if you want.
uhhh. forgot it. crap.


you're perfectly entitled to your opinions, but honestly, at this point, you're just inadvertantly bitching about the fact that you didn't get in the top five.

please live with it.
This makes me want to leave numa.
I love it. 5aved from me.
broseph :3
I am open to all opinions. ;) Haha and great map too. :P
and I thought there was some out of place gold here and there. The thwump area is cool though.
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hah, frets, you don't have to ride on the back of the last thwump. You can walk on top.
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Rocket worked well. Tiles are amazing.

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ooooh, close.

The map reminds me of a couple of mine heh. I like the map a fair bit. not spectacular but solid.
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This is great

Theres so much freedom with the spaces between the mines, and the tilesent fits it so well. Awesome stuff man, 4.5