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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch chaingun mines playable unrated
Created 2010-10-10
Last Modified 2010-10-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I haven't got around to doing a Sky entry yet, but my guilty procrastination has at least spawned this map. In truth I've been trying to fill out a map around this middle section (which, in case you didn't pick it, uses tiles from one of blue_tetris' Georgia O'Keeffe survivals - some of the best tilesets I've ever seen) for a while now. I think I got the difficulty curve pretty good here. Enjoy!

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Couple problems with this. One is the return to the door once you've grabbed the switch; seemed unnecessarily attentive to looks over gameplay to have those '3' tiles. Two is that the chaingun section requires too many jumps (possibly I just didn't find a suitable route).

Loved the bottom, kinda wish that theme had continued.
I just generally take 1's and 0's with no comment to reason it a snipe.
Like geej, I found the chimney part pretty easy to accomplish. It took me about 4 odd shots to get the hang of it.
I know the map is quite messy, but I wanted to create something to challenge EMG to highscore... and I'm generally bad at making large maps, so I went with the 'difficult to keep' theme.

I also appreciate that you took time to justify your rating. Thankyou.

pretty modern

some stuff I dislike. Like the mines on the back of the 2 tiles, and the top section.


Eh, I thought it was kinda boring. The minejumping at that bottom especially could have been more interesting.
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oops ._.
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Just demonstratin'.
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