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Author -Jol-
Tags 6-ways author:-jol- kradda rated
Created 2010-10-10
Last Modified 2010-10-10
by 23 people.
Map Data


6 ways kradda
hold nothing: 472 frames
hold left: 719 frames
hold right: 740 frames
jump + hold nothing: 732 frames
jump + hold left: 491 frames
jump + hold right: 581 frames

this kradda took over a week and i am very proud now xD
this was made with doors, one-way and thwumps!
no bounceblocks
no launch pads
no gold

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yeah, impressive.

though improvable. 4.



6 Ways,

And every way is 10 times better than what I could do. Amazing!
just hold the button down and press space twice, or press p (depending on mode) and it works.

Impressive DDA, been a while since I've seen one so good.
I suggest you try to do a normal kradda and extend the length and # of close calls, as that is what makes an amazing dda, not the number of possibilities. The different directions should be your secondary concern. In addition, you should also try to get them all to get to the same exit. That would be much more impressive. The fact that two of these are under 500 frames is disappointing.

You have the skill. I just want you to aim for something different than what you normally do.
You have to accustom yourself with them long enough for you to be able to distiguish a good from a bad dda .It actually takes talent

See :<

Just like with a lot of the image maps, they just take 1 look, see "6 way dda" or "6 way kradda" and go OOO *rates 5* without even playing it.


not saved. I don't justify what's a good dda, since I have no capability of making any.

just average

one rocket, not that many close calls? doesn't warrant a 5 from me. i give it a 3.

took speed *0th

on Nreality
Demo Data
hold right the rocket dies :(

This was absolutely fantastic though. 6/5 if it were possible

I think hold left and jump + hold right were my favorites. Nice job.


i really enjoyed the drone closecalls in hold left (^.^)
sometimes, though, the rocket died too early... :(
anyway 5/5 because its amazing xD

Pretty awesome

5/5, this is really amazing. A bit short, though, but one of the best ddas i've seen :)
this was great, good work!


6 ways kraddas rock!
It's obvious you spent time on it.
Demo Data

It's very amazing

but the thing about it, is that none of the paths raelly overlap. It's like just different maps squished together.
But the kra part is good


Changed the controls, Jump+Left is also slick.

it was a dda, but not a kra ._.

Amazing. 5/5

Flash doesn't let me start with Jump+Left though, so I couldn't enjoy all six.

Jump + hold left wasn't dda, but otherwise good. Could have used more enemies.