Fuchsia Streams

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Author da_man894
Tags author:da_man894 featured playable race rated
Created 2010-10-11
Last Modified 2010-10-11
by 26 people.
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Description 150th map-

This map was featured on 2010-10-17

'Fuchsia Streams' is more than a masterpiece; it is the apex of a paradigm. Da_man in each and every one of his races does not fail to value the importance of a perfect flow, a constant rhythm of jumps and steps while maintaining the slightest detail. Fuchsia does this and more; rushing your ninja through mine infested caverns and waterfalls that throw you down to the river bed to begin the stream rhythm again.

This is not just another race – it is an achievement. He is Da_man

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Real nice work

The central thwump timing + the laser timing + general speed & path = awesome
You deserved it.


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Faster AGD

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Great aesthetics

Unique gameplay, but it was really random and you had to get it perfect for it to work, i.d say 3.5^
or you're not a xaelar.


okay well then 20 isn't quite as much as I thought. It's still a lot.

... But then why do I die upwards of 30 times every time I play a map on NUMA? -_-

I was eating

but here you got my uber-speedrun anyway:
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is one bizarre race
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This is fantastic.


This is the average though. Most levels (in my experience) are completed in under 3-5 deaths. Those that cause trouble can take dozens and in some cases hundreds (damn you 24.4 and 88.4)

The fact that this level isn't as hard as some levels in the original N levels doesn't really say anything about the map's difficulty though and it shouldn't really make the people who thought it was too hard feel any better... >.>

still thinking

what I said in my previous comment, great work.

@ Maxson. 500 x 20 = 10 000. So if your 10 000 is alot, it is equally alot with 20.

Really exciting.

Though some parts were frustratingly time-sensitive.
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Er, *10,000

my point still stands

20 tries is nothing

I died over 100,000 times in the process of beating N, so 20 deaths isn't cause for complaining ;D


meh 3/5... i like it but it takes about 20 tries to beat it...


The aesthetics are fantastic, as is the intro, but the gauss, laser drone, and upper left missile launcher inhibit how fast you can go, and I wasn't really a fan of that. Sorry.

Anyways, here's a somewhat fast run.
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first try. I like this route more.
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Awesome review though. Mine probably wouldn't have been this good.


nobody ever expects a feature ;_;

but seriously the bounce blocks worked perfectly except at the end where it was me that messed up.

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so epick..!!
But I as well as many sure ain't going to enjoy it if we can't even get past those bouncies. The one time I did the laser just nailed me:
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People don't realise what they're looking at when it comes to races these days. This is a masterpiece guys.

One of

The greatest races (if not the greatest) I've played in a long time. Def 5/5 Amazing.

DIDN't really enjoy it. Felt ok but nothing really special.
I found it was around the other way around. If I was too fast, the laser would shoot through the tunnel early, and I would have to wait on the thwump a little after the launchpad.
Still, very nice race.
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that has more to do with your own ability than how I made the map. I almost never died there, and I'm sure the same goes for most of the people who commented.

the bbs ruined it


i mean really ruined it, i got into a groove of dying at the very beginning on the far left. no fun at all. the one time i did make it was fun though. ;_; and i obviously didn't want to start in the middle.


that's what I'm saying. All of his race maps are completely identical

plays pretty well

but it looks almost exactly like your past 5 maps


loved it.
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Holy Fucking Balls

This could well be the best race i have ever played. Absolutely amazing. 5aved without hesitance.
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it's interesting, because I just reached my 150th map.

And i've been here since '06 ;_;

This is the complete package. Great map.