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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch flow mines race rated symmetrical
Created 2010-10-12
Last Modified 2010-10-12
by 10 people.
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Description It's essentially a race map. I'm not going to put in enemies which only provide a semblance of threat. Have fun. :)

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equal u meta :)


Here you are!

my definition for a 'regular race map' is a dda where you hit the jump key occasionally, so much the better for this map then.

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/Meta whistles inconspicuously.


ok fine D:

but it doesn't fit the (IMO) definition of a regular race map, which is a large, open, linear structure with a lot of close calls and enemies, tight paths with big open-spaced jumps, and relatively high speed throughout.

i admire your persistence kinda :P



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and btw

i also immediately thought of 'Tourist' when playing as you mentioned earlier.
I remember - it was called El Dorado and it was from like early 2006 or something - (I finished it as a collab and did a very poor job XD)

anyway, agd
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It's fast-paced, flowing, and has little to no open-ended gameplay (unless you do something odd in the middle section).

I definitely wouldn't call this a regular "action" map. I wanna call it a race! I haven't made a race before! PLZ LET ME RACE!!!!!!!!!


definitely not a race. relatively easy highscore map, as far as I can tell.


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Very nice.

I gave it a 4.


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All gold demo.

Oh, and it's a rejig of Tourist, of course.
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