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Author sniperassassin
Tags author:sniperassassin unrated yay yay.
Created 2010-10-12
Last Modified 2010-10-12
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Description well not really... it just means ill visit more regularly. and dont expect mega awsome maps from me for a while, cause i can baerly even remember the controls... man... this is weird...

windmillo' death

and dont critiscise the map, its not even ment to be played.

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your map, the deadly box, is still one of my favorites, even though it's pretty noobish. :p




Sounds like you had some fun :P
The weather's going nuts over here. One day it was (about) 28⁰ and hot, the next, (can't remember the temp) it was pouring with rain and got pretty darn cold.
Personally, I LOVE the rain, but this weather in SA is just messed up.

You live in... Queensland, was it? Or Vic? Gah, I can't remember D:

Anyway, yeah, good to hear from you.

Nice avvie

So what's ol SA doing these days?

This made my day.

Don't forget to change you avatar!!

gotta go!!!

cant reply to any comments guys cause i gotta go to my dads place. seeya