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Author geti
Tags author:geti hard mines playable race square unrated
Created 2010-10-12
Last Modified 2010-10-12
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Description This one needs a masterful touch to pull off smoothly. is the fun route.

I ran out of time, so it's patchy in places but that 3rd squeeze through the mines is delicious if you land it right and everything.
Race it.

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i like it

Let's just call it 407 frames. -_-


almost sub-400
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Nice Speedrun



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Awesome. I've played this... But I failed then, so I gave up :P
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Yeah, when I get some free time I will, I need to do some level design so it'll be a good warmup.

feel free

to make some more :)


Though no-one's done the style jump :|


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You went the shorter way, but that didn't stop it from being a rad demo.

Cool map!


you're back!

great map. tricky but satisfying to get those jumps right, and the mines in that shaft on the right really look awesome.
not sure if i've gone the right way, but whatever. good map.
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