Abstract Thought

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Author TheBlackLion
Tags abstract action author:theblacklion image-map imagemap nreality rated
Created 2010-10-13
Last Modified 2010-10-13
by 14 people.
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An abstract image action map i realized some times ago.
This is a DED to Da_guru for the huge help he brings to the -old now- contest "TBC". Thanks you man for all you did, it was fantastic to work whith you !
I know this is a very linear gameplay but it's uncommmon for me to make this kind of action map, i mean.. non-minimalist action map.
I put a lot of work in the image so please don't be harsh.

BluePretzel playtest it, thanks you guy too.
Pleaze RCE and post your score on Nreality.

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looks amazing

10th rate

i love this map 5aved.


I love this map. The gameplay is divine already and the image just enhances it tenfold.


that post was not meant to be sent to you. sorry!


thanks :) i was rather surprised when i got it. yes its been quite a while since my last submission, ive recently (well, for several months now) been playing a lot more and have become quite a good speedrunner, im actually in the finals of the blur speedrun competition with Kool as we speak. however i do plan on mapping again soon, thanks for taking the time to still check out my maps even after such a long delay, hopefully i havent lost any of my mapping skills :P
Extremely well put together though. And looks awesome. And is a ded to Da_Guru so it can't really avoid a 5.
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Dead sexy art, man.

Abstract Thought makes you think before you act. :D
Great map, overall gameplay is pretty basic but the art is what makes me want to feature it so bad (enev though I can't review :( )

P.S.: (T'es Fran├žais toi aussi? :D)

Faved also

Really great image and awesome thwump gameplay.
Awesome image to go with it. Well done.
Might I suggest you change the laser to a gauss or move it somewhere else before public rating? It makes it /such/ a bitch to get to the switch.

love this image. and its awesome gameplay. but... you spelled access wrong. unless in some part of the world that isn't Illinois there's only one 's'. 4.5^

amazing amazing.

simply love the image, and how well it corresponds with the gameplay. adoring.

Thank you, man.

I'm also proud of this map being a ded to me, because it's fantastic. Love the art. Laser+thwump combo was intense, hardest part of the map, but rest was fun ,too.
Faster AGD.
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For those who want to say how to play this.
Anyways, i hope someone can get better.
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faved for sure. XD