Far Beyond Skylines

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny playable sky unrated
Created 2010-10-13
Last Modified 2010-10-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description I figured i'd make an action for Sky, too.

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If you read my comment lower, I link to a map that actually was.

Just wondering

this wasn't at ALL influenced by me right? (I wouldn't think so, theres just minute similarities between this and my feature)

lil bit faster (=

awesome map faved
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I saw the laser in romaniacs demo. That's what we call a "special" laser drone.

different route

first go on it :/
faster AGD again.
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Fast AGD

okay, this laser is fucking daft.
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Nice demo, son of a bitch.


I had a pretty much 'wtf' moment when the laser fired at me through the tile.
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something about the 3 tile gameplay seemed similar.

Not so much

I did make a map [] based off of that a while ago, however, and can see the resemblance.


I'm assuming you got inspiration from sleepy city ballooning? (mintnub and losttortuga collab, it's been featured)

Slow AGD

That laser can pin you if you're not careful, just as it nearly did twice in this run.
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