Take To The Sky

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags action author:im_bad_at_n nreality rated sky trigger
Created 2010-10-14
Last Modified 2010-10-14
by 8 people.
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Finished the first 'sky' map that I like. Just in time too. Hope you enjoy!

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I cant see any of the images at all :(


Ok so it's nice to see people making image-map. There's some bad and good things in this image. Personnally i love the sky with clouds and bounceblocks and i don't agree with Atob.. If you can go trought so why be blocked by an invisible frame ? Drones and launchpads are good placed in the top section. But I really don't like the gameplay of the underground section, this can be a lot better with mines, gauss or floorguard at the place of the drones.
Ground texture is interresting but it can be better with a narrow black line around it and some colours/saturation variation. Maybe also adding a shaddow for looks more dynamic or make blur the limite of the ligth in the underground section . I hope what i've said can help you in your next image-map and good luck.


there was something wrong with the imige, duno what..
but oh well make it 4.5 aved ^^

Awesome Imagery

Gameplay was solid, though the foreground image was a bit off.

I like it.

The image is a bit rough but it makes the map so much more playable. I hate when you can't see the exact shape of the playable surface. The bounce blocks were a little bit too much of a contrast with the top clouds though.

The way the next switches appeared in the sky. Such a good idea.

Nice seeing your maps man, I haven't been around lately
So I added curves to make it seem like the clouds were pushing you back down. Just my reasons behind it, I'll try semi-translucency next time.

those bouncies are so cool, love the texture

Some of the drones were kinda eh, but I liked it for the most part.

I really don't like

the way you stop when you hit the clouds, Imo you should have left it so you can fly through them and just made them semi-translucent.

The rest is decent, but the image work does look a little rough in places.

I love the bounceblocks. :)

Thanks :)

Edit: preview image.