I See Squarish Clouds In The Sky

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Author TheBlackLion
Tags author:theblacklion featured iwanttotagthisskyuntiliknowthisisalreadyfinished minimalism race rated sky square
Created 2010-10-16
Last Modified 2010-10-16
by 27 people.
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Description I really love this one, it's addictive. It's a sequel to "Hyperpsychedelia". I was asked to myself if it was possible to make a kind of flow race only with squares, here's the result. Please RCE and post your score on Nreality.

This map was featured on 2013-04-01

I tried to make this map.
You tried to make this map.
He tried to make this map.
We tried to make this map.
You tried to make this map.
They tried to make this map.

I'm in my advanced English classes. I'm progressing as you can see, and just today I learned how to say this phrase too. While being simple and basic, we all can recall the time we tried to make this. However, none made it as clean and concise as this intriguing user. — zoasBE

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I got a map featured, and the review is really pleasant. I'm glad, I didn't though it would happen. Especially now, I've never been so much inactive in N.
Thank you zoasBE.

Oh congratulations for the feature. Im back two years later to improve my score, fun race :D
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"advanced english class"? lol you just changed the subject, that's basic elementary school. nice review btw

gj black lion too 4aved

Fastest AGD

Broke 133

Unique race, 3.5
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underclocked run

5 from me
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nice map

glad ur fixing up ur english, zoas ;)
Ironically I think I've seen this done way better by someone else, but maybe it was this and I used to be good at this game or something.

good review

thanks teacher trance


443 frames
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dont know what these people are talking about. i loved the squarish clouds


mahi talking about generic


check out my new map []!


ouais je pourrais peut-etre faire un truc genre escher qui part du reel et qui va vers l'abstrait... je trouverais bien un truc :)


Eh sisi ça pourrait etre stylé ça. Bon je travaille sur un tileset, j'ai déja quelques idées. Par contre comme genre de tileset tu preferrerais quoi?

I don't get what's so good about this. This is one of those block races that are IMO overdone. 2.5.

Thanks for RCE

If i well understand, there's people who very like and people who don't find the flow and the fun of this map. It doesn't matter, i'm proud that some people like it :)

Sorry fur the ugly thumbnail but i don't make a map for how the thumbnail will look..

Anyways thanks everybody for all the rating, comment and demo !

better method...

same time....
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I'm not the fastest here, but whatevah. :) AGD
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couldnt find the flow, at all

Hey guys

i got my laptop back to factory defaults. cn i get the website to download Nreality. i forgot wat it was. thx.


5/5 and faved.

... Although I don`t understand what this map has to do with a sky instead of just the title. Well.

now, this is an original map. Faved.
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.5 subtracted for how sexy the flow was but it was still choppy in parts... rounded up tho Nreality
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In thumbnail

i agree with mahi_mahi

but in the level while playing it I think the tileset actually looks really cool and jumbled and cool :P

pretty cool flow

the tileset was so incredibly ugly and generic though

Im with sunset

I played this on three different occasions, one in the very early morning (an hour before dawn), another about an hour ago, as well as just now.. and I honestly did not like it. The start just annoys me, but the whole race didn't "click" for me like it did for many others here.


it's not /////that///// good. 5 is a bit high for a rating of this map. sorry to be a rain on your parade BlackLion, but it's true. :V


on Nreality
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Now this

is one hella sexy race
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obviously fbf =D
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Absolutely terrible run. There's a squeeze near the upper right that I keep hitting, and I end up going backwards :P

Anyways, very awesome race. It's cool to see this genre mixed up a bit sometimes. 5aved.
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haha. anyways, pretty nice.
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And thanks people for the positive comments :)
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have deleted a lot of maps of your profile?


It's an original race. You succeeded it.

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Very nice map



I don't really know how work the MOA, i just know that a moderator have to active your account for go on the site. Search moa-reject has a tag and ask the same question at the authors you find. They would know a lot more things than me about MOA i think ;)