Its A Sequel!

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2005-12-05
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Couldn't think of a name. The middle bit gets a bit crazy though

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um if this happens...simply press 1 and it will work 100% of the time.


N dies by many different ways each time. im not rating till fixed.


you prove your ability to inspire envy in your fellow NUMA members. I love the use of thwumps in any DDA to boot.
4.5/5, it's not really mould-breaking, but it's consistently well-thought out.


I agree with great sea, to an extent.
I was thinking about it after I posted earlier.
You need to break the monotony of the DDAs which you produce, yes they are great but are they original and innovative?
I hate to sound contradictory to me prvious post but, yeah...
Try something interesting and new. It will do you good, I promise.


because of you, i am becoming desensitized to great DDAs


i actually didn't make it all in one day.. i like spend 30 minutes a day now because im too busy
how you can just turn out DDAs every day.
I especially liked the use of that locked door, I don't know why though. hmmmm...