Loss of Self Control

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags author:im_bad_at_n ibanrace race unrated
Created 2010-10-19
Last Modified 2010-10-19
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Description A bit of a hard one imo.

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@your post on squib.

Map should speak for itself. You're now admitting author bias which is the single worst thing in nmaps. If a map has low artistic value as its own, you don't rate it 5. That was in now means flawless. Appealing and maybe a 3 or 2.5 but definately not 5.

I shall cherish the day when author bias is banished from NUMA, everyone can have fair ratings, and idiotic and horrible idealistics like that aren't around anymore.

last continued

Again, I'm sorry for insulting you, man. I really do hope you know that this was not my intent, and that I am sorry, because I very much respect you as a mapper, an artist and a person, and I'd hate to think that I'd ruined our relationship with some careless words that were easily misinterpreted.

even more continued

Finally the last part. Really, the question is whether the joy of creation outweighs the joy of display. At this point, I don't know. If it does, yeah, I'll continue to make the maps that I enjoy making, that is, the ones that actually have meaning, however if it doesn't, I suppose I'll stop making the maps I enjoy making more, so that I can appreciate the fact that people are enjoying something I have crafted. Honestly, I'm not a very confident person. In fact, I'm quite the opposite, and the feeling of self-worth I get knowing that people are enjoying something thanks to me is immense, and because of that, there is very much a possibility that I'll make maps that I find disinteresting, if that's what it takes to ultimately make me feel better. Because I don't feel good about it right now.

more continued

As to the metaphores being used in every map, I think you misunderstood which maps I was talking about. I do make a lot of action maps, but honestly, I don't really care about them. They're not what I really enjoy making, and I really only make them to fill in time when I'm unable to come up with any creative ideas. Really, what I'm expressing frustration at is the view on maps like this []. While comparing our "best maps", things that were intentionally placed into the map were totally ignored, and this is what made me realise that as a map genre, it is doomed to only ever be partially understood. I'm sure you can see how this would be frustrating to me. Imagine if you submitted your Zapdos, and you saw it and recognised it as a thing of beauty, however for some reason three quarters of the objects making the image did not make it into the map on NUMA. For example, in that map, the general concensus while comparing them was that it was "a clever idea how the ninja could not escape". However nobody realised that the jagged and rough tiles represented the emotional and mental strain of a cell, stabbing into you every moment, slowly reducing morale. They did not see that the 4 tile was there to provide contrast, accentuating the brutality of the tiles, that the ninja could escape (it actually can. I tested that in FBF to be certain), but should it arrive at the exit-door key, the door would not open, showing the futility of the act. This is a pretty enormous part of the map that flew over everybodies heads, and to me, that hurt. I'd spent hours working on that, every tileand object placed carefully to perfect the feeling, and to discover that nearly the entire work was unnoticed was horrible. This is what my first line in the description (and the gold in the map) means. The more work I put in, and the more intricate I make it, the more people fail to notice, and ultimately it just makes it hurt more.


About AMLTs farewell map. The issue that I had with it is that it was trite. NUMA goes through more farewell maps than rocket-bounceblock maps, and because of this the meaning has less of an impact. It's like playing a map with the same gameplay over and over again. It becomes meaningless. I once said that "in regards to mapping, or any artistic creation, originality is the most important thing to consider". I think this applies here. Were someone to make a farewell map that said goodbye in a creative and new manner, then I would have a totally different view on it. This however is rare, if not non-existant. That is what my issue with the map was. It wasn't that I didn't understand it, but rather that I was aware of how conceptually generic it was. Also, just to refer to what you said, no, I consider it perfectly acceptable to use your own work as an example. What I said offended you because of your own creation, so I think it's perfectly acceptable to defend yourself with references to your own work.

Hey man.

I wanted to do reply to your comment personally, because honestly, I didn't mean to offend you, and I hope that you realise that I would never do that. When I say "primitive impressionism", that isn't a comment on the content of the genre label, but rather the genre itself. This comes down to my idea of art, and I very much focus on the creativity of it, and I think that compared to say, abstract art movements like cubism or expressionism have more creativity to them, as to me, impressionism seems to be more of an emulation then a creation. this doesn't mean I can't enjoy or respect impressionism, and in fact, I often do. I can still be very envious of the technical skill required for that form of art, as it generally is greater than that of more abstract forms, and I guarentee you, in regard to N-arts, I very much am. It's something I have attempted to master, yet have never really grasped.


"The loop after the first doesn't have floor. It breaks the flow completely."

No it doesn't. You have to jump, that's why those one-ways are there.

a bit of a hard one

just like COCKS

*loop after the first thwump collision

The loop after the first loop doesn't have floor. It breaks the flow completely.


Great race.

Non-flowy AGD:
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Demo Data