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Author geti
Tags action author:geti choices flow playable rockets unrated
Created 2010-10-27
Last Modified 2010-10-27
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Description I realised a few things while making this map, and remembered some stuff too:

1: I miss level design.
2: You can very easily create a level more interesting if you add some choices for the player, such as "do I take the tunnels and avoid that bloody rocket, or do I risk it and get some gold?"
3: It's now 22:49

1: The claustrophobia an incoming rocket induces in an otherwise very large space.
2: It's more fun to make a map that's fun to play around in with the possibility for some difficult situations if the player puts themselves there than a map that's hard to complete.

Goodnight, and enjoy.

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tied then my comp lagged, not maxed though :/
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Good choice.

Pretty fast AGD:
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Yeah, I've been doing some level design here and there and find myself making far too many devlish levels, and felt like making something that more than one type of player could enjoy.

First try.

Really nice... With my skill, I just feel like AGD is the only sensible way. But it's a good realisation, nonetheless. :)
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