Stilted Gander

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Author geti
Tags action author:geti fast multi-path playable rated
Created 2010-10-28
Last Modified 2010-10-28
by 5 people.
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Description A phrase I heard used the other day that I turned into a map.

Know what I really really like about this map? How fast you can go on that diagonal, in both directions. I want to make a race in a few days or so.

Anyway, decided to play with 7s again, and I've missed them it seems. There are some bits that are really fucking hard to hit right, but I'm happy with it.

For miststalker06 & boonie92 for some radical runs on some "recent" maps.

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quicker speedrun, nice stuff :D
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so many options, you did that really well
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oh good

i'll be waiting for that one then.

3,5/5 rounded up


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I'm planning on making a motherfucker of a race map in a while, so I've been playing around with some mechanics in more controlled environments as a bit of a warm up for that, which has been resulting in easier maps, I suppose. It's probably better to make some maps for everyone and not just the veterans every now and again too.

@miststalker: the tiles aren't entirely to my liking, but it kind of hit 0130 hrs so I figured it was time to call it quits, hahah. You're damn speedy, btw. It's nice to see my maps getting a fine-toothed comb passed over them.


in my eyes.
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Faster AGD.

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Ha ha, yeah...

Tiles could be better in my opinion.
Raped in the ass as I was about to exit... :(
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very wierd wall jump partway in...
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good map

if a little easier than usual. here's a mediocre agd.
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