Power Cut

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Author eldorno
Tags action author:eldorno dark imagemap n-reality nreality unrated
Created 2010-10-31
Last Modified 2010-10-31
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Description Tzzzzzk

Power Failure. Systems Offline.
Ah, crap, the power's off... and the door's dead! It'll be hours before the main generator kicks in.
Gah, I wish I'd brought a book or something...
Auxiliary Generator now stable. Administrator advises use of Personal Lanterns for illumination, to conserve power.
Hmm... If I could get to the backup generator, I could manually open the doors...

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Really fun map.

I'll look into doing something like this.




I'm agreeing with roman. This is indeed quite good. That little storyline you gave us suited the map well. I know that roman loves little suprises, as do I...
but the map needs a bit of work. The chaingun was good, it surprised me the first time around, because i did not see it.
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to DDRave, since I pretty much stole his code/image/drone for the dark effect :)