Sinkers And Floaters

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Author Conen__TG_
Tags author:conen__tg_ burntowers rated
Created 2010-11-04
Last Modified 2011-06-08
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Hey guys! I LOVE this map.

Please play it.

Feedback also greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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what I meant was I liked both but not sure which is better

i replaced the botton two rockets with gauss' and all of them with gauss' and I liked it a lot! let me know what you think

I like where it's going, I just touched up some areas and added gold in top right :]
link []

kind of uninspired right now D: let me know how you feel about this tileset
link []

love that start and that drone :]
Demo Data
could you help me with this map? please let me know

So I made the

tileset and decided to make a really weird object set.

Scrap it if you want:


Demo Data

We need to

clabo some time!

epic map

love the drone pathing, broman.

Oh well

I can't beat it, i'm horrible at drone patherers. 4/5
really cool.


is very tricky... But very possible.