Western Hero

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch chainguns playable rated shootout
Created 2010-11-07
Last Modified 2010-11-10
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Retro submission for Shootout.

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Its amazing. 5aved.

Wow. Thanks!

A much appreciated comment.

I was thinking of you when I made this.
wouldn't change a thing :)



But seriously, I never read On The Road.



all gold

same frames as your first one krusch! good fun, well executed and simple. 4/faved
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And I missed the two corner jumps climbing the middle section. (much harder, much faster)

Still can't beat you, Izzy. -_-

fun map.
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your brain automatically wants to connect the dots so it shows up as phantom gray lines
it's a rough and tumble high action shootout from all directions. 5aved
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it had that crisp krusch-y feel. in fact it almost seems unoriginal :/

Me too

Yeah I got that illusion too.

epic tileset.

and good fun. AG is tough but attainable.

This must win

added to Map of the Year candidates. :D
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This was fun, but I never once thought I would bounce around long enough to get an AGD. (And indeed, I didn't.)



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it's pretty simple and fun.
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All gold.

A bit faster.
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I gave up

because I felt there was too much not worth for.
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I'll try again.
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All gold.

Nearly suffered a heart attack.
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