blue hoops

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fun rated small
Created 2010-11-07
Last Modified 2010-11-07
by 9 people.
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Description this is a lazy map since I have been away for a while. not sure wat the new style is and shit but ah well enjoy :P

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gold was perfect.

Your maps are seriously good.

Pretty neat

If you do make this map bigger, it'll be cool. Maybe try to keep it open, with optional routes.


Good stuff here. Although it's a bit boring at times, I quite like the peacefulness.
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Bit quicker AGD.

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Demo Data

Decently Fast AGD

Good to see that you're still mapping. I like the gold patterning in this.
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I get you.

but I had to work for my mapping ability.


well, two of my maps got spam rated while you were away... people were mad because I hogged the hot maps page for like 3 days.


I have grown since you left! :D


I kinda did this map was for my mates ZTHING and sunset


like you kind of gave up on this map lol

good, good.

finals are next week, so yeah

sup man!

how's it been?

the tiles are a little lacking aesthetically and there are some objects which just don't come into play at all but i love your gold style and it plays well. AGD
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