In Too Deep

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Author krusch
Tags action all-gold author:krusch falling gauss playable rated
Created 2010-11-10
Last Modified 2010-11-10
by 5 people.
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Description Ink Dependant, Ill Deliquents, Indian Drivers

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for the comment on my latest map :P


pretty fast
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You're right,

skyline. The switches aren't very fun!

Conceptually great.

I just feel like the gameplay up top should have more to offer. Like, not necessarily anything more crowded, but the way the map is now, getting the switches feels more like a chore than a game.


I like.


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some climbing fun.

Demo Data
(not on this demo but all my previous attempts), the rest I found rather lackluster, but it's at least done with style. 3
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Climbing back up?

It's possible. Just highly impractical. So make sure you're well prepared before yo- Whoops! Down you go!
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