Little panic rooms

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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor featured rated shootout
Created 2010-11-11
Last Modified 2010-11-11
by 12 people.
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Description Fairly long time since I posted a map.

I figured I might as well put this up for shootout.

This map was featured on 2012-05-24

Chainguns: the toughest enemies to use overall, and yet maybe the most overused enemy on NUMA (with the possible exception of rockets). But that doesn't mean they're impossible to use effectively, either. Enter crescor.

Little panic rooms features a single chaingun assisted only by sparse mines. The map provides plenty of cover from the raining hellfire, but sometimes you gotta make a break for it, too. Effective, but not overpowering; this is how you use a chaingun. — maxson924

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tunnels are great

but the top part could be more challenging i think.
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let's bring the attention back to the map. ;D)
of the first two pages of hot maps (20 maps):

11 used Gauss Turrets,
9 Drones,
8 Rockets,
6 Floorguards,
4 Thwumps,
3 Lasers,
1 Chainguns,
Heavy-duty enemies (lasers, rockets, chainguns) should be few and far between. If you look throughout numa, lasers are indeed pretty rare, but chainguns will pop up multiple times per 10 maps and rockets are just everywhere. If floorguards are overused, it's not by much, and nearly every map has mines for a reason. Mines are just an essential part of N.

Obviously a lot of that is opinion, but I'm of the mindset that if you use those heavy-duty enemies more than just once in a while, they lose their impact.
but definitely difficult. Rockets, mines, and FGs are way overused.

Awesome map.

5aved. That chaingun was sexy.


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Without aesthetically flowrishes, you have wrote really right the true.
This is a great map.
Go for all gold here is a nice experience. I like how are combined both differents gameplays on the map.
I'll play religiously soon.

<trance> I can't get that jump.
<Aidiera> It's hard.
<trance> Taken
<trance> 167
<Aidiera> :/
<Aidiera> Good job.
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21:12:28 Aidiera Arpo is fucking crazy.
21:14:58 Aidiera Hey, I beat him.
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hmm, i'm surprised i am the first to do this. of course, much faster is possible.
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i didnt even realize where the door key was until i got there! kinda easy though


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I liked it. Could have been a little more challenging though... Still, solid gameplay

sub-1300 agd
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sub-1300 agd
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If this doesn't place I will be upset. This is freaking amazing.


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Also slow
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Really slow AGD.
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