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Tags action author:zthing figure.09 lp rated zmap
Created 2010-11-14
Last Modified 2010-11-14
by 11 people.
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Description Not for shootout.

Consider it a return to mapping. This one is a beast to all gold. I will be impressed if you do. Spent a decent amount of time on it, I hope you do too.

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Thought I was

about to nail it... But no--the tiles look really stylish! <3 5/5
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oh yeah

what I meant by my previous heading was this map is great. The tiles are eerie, the gameplay is quick but you have places to hide and rest between intense action super ninja action stuff. Keep 'em coming.
I have been extremely busy lately...I've got travel soccer, indoor track, tons of homework, and Halo Reach (lol) that's keeping me away from numa. But I have not left, and do not plan on it soon. This is a great community. And I hope to have a map up this weekend. See you 'round.


not sure if "fucking amazing" would describe this map.

welcome back!

loved the tiles here. faved.

Cool beans,

I'll play later,
in contrast to nevershine, i kinda liked how both chainguns could potentially reach you at once, it meant you had to keep an eye on both and made it more intense, but i can understand why others might not like that. I noticed in replaying that this map was also a bit of a race against the top chaingun to reach the top-left switch; an interesting twist. Map's very nice overall.
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all golded

that middle bounceblock area is great, but quite tough.
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I skipped the first switch like an idiot, and then died trying to get it on the return trip. Ah well, this demo shows the intended route pretty well, and aero's demo does too. And thanks for the suggestions shine, I might try some of them as an entry for shootout.
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nice setup there, but I dislike how the chainguns work very incalculably most of the time. maybe try to close up some of the gaps between the upper tiles so there are no chainguns firing at you when you don't expect them to do? however, the tiles are great, imo, and I think it's fantastic you somewhat returned to mapping. :)


1st try agd o_0

or perhaps not... :P I'll replay this later on, just kinda ran through it without looking around, but it had some good action.
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welcome back broman

to mapping that is.