A trickle of confusion

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Author im_bad_at_N
Tags action author:im_bad_at_n medium-hard rated
Created 2010-11-15
Last Modified 2010-11-15
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description A little bit hard, but not excessively. I changed some enemies and tiles that allows for the entirety to be easier. RCE!

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fancy a collab??

hey brother

love this map definate 5 possible feature????

This is great

5aved =]

Mmmm, yeah.

Good map, this. 3/5

Yeah Ethel,

It's more likely than you think.
I have been extremely busy lately...I've got travel soccer, indoor track, tons of homework, and Halo Reach (lol) that's keeping me away from numa. But I have not left, and do not plan on it soon. This is a great community. And I hope to have a map up this weekend. See you 'round.

lol I posted the same thing to Z, I missed talkin to you both :D
Tiles are great. If nothing else, this is very creative. 4/5

Death. I went the wrong way >_>
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No, ethel.

This was just a map that the general public enjoyed.
Was this another multiaccount 5 spam? Frankly, only the begginning room was good to me.
The tiles make gauss dodging awkward, and the drones change the whole pace of the map.

It feels more misfitted than well structured. You have definitely made better.

nice man



I <3 you all.

Heres the review!!

very nice map and tileset. it simply deserves a feature..


i lurv this mapp... its soooo much fun... especially the locked doors-oneway bit, very good use.

i like it

but what happened to you making races :'(

Very nice!




very nice map
Demo Data
Demo Data

clever and fun

Made me think a bit.

I think you deserve a RCE after so long :]

Slow and steady AGD

Brilliant structure, nicely presented and an all around good map. 4.5^
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I liked it. It felt a bit disjointed though at times.


5aved, it's amazing, very good variety of enemies and beautiful tiles. It has a good linear gameplay maybe just a little to long.
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