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Author geti
Tags action author:geti fast flow playable race unrated
Created 2010-11-23
Last Modified 2010-11-23
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Description Because we don't have enough race maps.

Feels good to make one again, I tried to fuse my old more curvy direction of flow in with my favourite 6 and 7 tiles. I'm very happy with how it turned out, honestly.

Path HERE []

For Shortshift and Apse!

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come back D:

come back D:


this was a while ago.

Hi :)



loved it.
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You missed all the fun bits!

not that fast, but nice map, enjoyed the flow and speed :D
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Typo, sorry buddy D: D:

I actually try to mask the most flowy path a little most of the time to reward anyone replaying the map, so I'm glad you persevered.

I sort of made myself leave my comfort zone with this one by using a lot of open space, something I haven't done in a long time, but I'm quite happy with it, so I'm glad you like it.


still a bit wonky here and there but it's good enough for me.
the good thing about your maps is having to find the flow. i like that, keep doing it.
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i got it all wrong

and you've spelt my name incorrectly :)
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