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Author Theodore_owens_^bloodunder
Tags action author:theodore_owens_^bloodunder lazy rated spammy
Created 2010-11-25
Last Modified 2010-11-25
by 6 people.
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Description Pizzop.

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I love the launchpads and the nonlinearity and the flow. I agree with romaniac, this is one of the best maps I've played. My only complaint is the launchpad at the top left, as it launches me straight into the rocket whenever I use it. All of the other ones, while not necessarily helpful, added to the flow and didn't actually kill you, so this anomaly was kind of surprising. When I moved it one square lower, I felt that it fit with the map a lot better. Still, great, great map. Faved.

Death demo.

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personally, I think this is brilliant. One of the best action maps I've played this month.
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i guess

it cant be helped >^,,^<

that's the point

its an action map not a bedtime map