Pipes 5

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Author tomthebomb
Tags 5 author:tomthebomb door-eerie endurance pipes rated reflexes
Created 2010-11-25
Last Modified 2010-11-26
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description hey i am back on numa. most likely noone remembers me (or even knows me).but anyway here is my next (maybe last) map. its basically the same as the other pipes in the series. fun, exhilarating and fast. these maps test your skills and reflexes.
have fun, post your replays and compete with everyone else to try and get the best score. and check the rest of my maps out too if ya dont mind :)
NOTE-load level in level editor. because there is not enough time to complete in the userlevels

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hey please dont rate down because of no gold. there isnt supposed to be gold, and its not supposed to be beatable in userlevels. u are supposed to load the level in the level editor

added some gold...

for tom
a little too much maybe, but now it is finishable.

one of the

longest eerie maps I've completed :/ but also among the best flowing, kudos to you. the length of the code is impressive in itself :O
Demo Data

and yeah

you are a bit rusty but still fun and fairly original. make some more maps! you're great at these!

oh whoa

tomthebomb! i totally remember you! welcome back!
that needs to be fixed asap, because I want to be able to finish this.

thank you :)

i havent made a map in a long time so im still rusty though

Welcome back!

You make wonderful Dooreeries!