11-1 Yellow Jello

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Author evanmce
Tags author:evanmce mappack unrated
Created 2010-11-27
Last Modified 2010-11-27
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Description Hey numa, I'm still mappin'. Doin a really big side-project with zoasBE. check it out here -> (you'll have to copy and paste the link into your navigation box. Happy mappin'.

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title is

Mine Bonfire

ya i have gmail.

koo ill email soon. thx guys


Sunset. can i join too. i am iight at tiles but great with object, especially mines.

feedback in the blog, check out...

woahh.. loved it

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This map is absolutely your style, man.
Liked it.

Demo Data


so what can I do on it?

thank you

I made it in like a few minutes. :p


can I help in one of the maps?


I will look forward to it.