What You've All Seen Before

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Author tomthebomb
Tags author:tomthebomb dda rated
Created 2010-11-27
Last Modified 2010-11-29
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description this was mainly to test the bouncer balls again
rate comment and why not check out my other maps

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too much gold delay/blocking of lazers/launchpads/waiting around with not enough close calls.
lazers were a bad choice for this kind of dda, perhaps other enemies wouldve worked better.

Freaking insane! I want more!


This is amazing. I've especially liked the chillout part. So many close calls in so long DDA! 5!


i was trying to make it even longer but i couldnt figure out a way
this einth epic this is epicstein maxed out the highest level of epic for a dda
this was realy awesome I realy liked it
was long and ful of close calls
it is a flawless map for sure
with less gold delay, launch pads, and trap door used to stop rockets.

but besides for that epic.

thank you!


It's insane! You've got so many closecalls in over 3k frames!

Loved it!
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