Reading Under The Influence

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Author ska
Tags author:ska challenge debut rated survival survive survivor
Created 2010-11-28
Last Modified 2010-11-28
by 6 people.
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Description Woah! So I've been mapping since 2005 and to date, I have not submitted a true survival map. Basically I wanted to make a survival map because I was hoping I could get a Dronie nomination if I choose a less competitive genre. ;)

This is also a resubmission, I improved some pathing and stuff, actually spent quite a bit of time getting the balance right.

Also, I quite like the door/drone mechanics in this level

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a tad longer
Demo Data


Is it the same?

Do you know

how can I access The Real N forums?


Challenge against you is not challenge.
It's owning (by you) xD

Intense :P

slightly longer agd
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Only me posted a demo :(
No challenge.




Good survival.


AGD, both doors
Demo Data

AGD, and both doors open.
Demo Data

Longer, but still 3 golds left.
Demo Data

5/5 as a survival

I don't like small area survivals, but this one is really efficient.

P.S: If anyone doesn't post a longer demo, don't choose mine for a ded. I didn't get all golds, it doesn't deserve a prize.
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i like this. as for dronie i wish i could get something into that.

fail demo

i mean, you can't 'win' this map per se, but you can easily last longer by using a stealth tatic with the thwumps. longest demo gets a ded.
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