Fire It Up

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Author ChaoSilveresque
Tags action author:chaosilveresque epic shootout unrated
Created 2010-12-01
Last Modified 2010-12-05
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The second of my Modest Mouse series:
Welcome to Operation: Sunburst.
You know what to do, but this time your objective is centered around a structure known as the core. The 7 tiles that are around the core form passageways known as portals. Certain portals are one-way kill zones, meaning that if you do not get up enough speed to pass through them, then the chaingun is likely to kill you. All of this set to the tune of Fire It Up.

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okay i changed it

i put race on there? i did! Dang it.

Also, it's not a race by any stretch of the imagination.

it's the first map i've made in a while

it does suck. heres a terrible demo.
Demo Data

This map is infuriating to play.