Snow Globe

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Author romaniac
Tags author:romaniac dda featured merrychristmas n-art playable rated
Created 2010-12-05
Last Modified 2010-12-05
by 64 people.
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Description This is a pretty merry map for merrychristmas.
Just imagine yourself gleefully zooming around the snow globe, stirring up the snow around the christmas tree. An old gramophone playing Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World in the background.


This map was featured on 2010-12-22

Maybe not the best DDA you've not done anything to, but probably the best Christmas DDA you've given a shot. While I wish this had a little more depth to it, it still combines narts, ddas, and tileset design to create the best "NUMACON SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR WIN!" entry out of the bunch. If you haven't heard, Numacon is taking a leave of absence for January. Be ready to drop some heavy hitters come February. — rocket_thumped

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oops faster (still FBF obviously)
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fastest (FBF)
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Apperently it won't stop :(
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excellent !
Happy 2011, take care.

Pure eye candy.

I'n sticking this in my profile. 5


how you made it continuous. but i was expecting more of a conventional dda. you know, where the ninja gets to the exit? on its own? but still really cool, and it looks beautiful.
4.5, rounded up.
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I could watch this all day.
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this is so sweet


Happy Christmas

Romaniac and congratulations

I remember

this map from last year its brilliant :P 5

I think this is one of my favorite maps ever.


i was waiting for this and Pheidi. congratz again :)

i like it

if a map was at my favourites bevor it became featured
or stare at it. So I did both.
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ferox's #5 link goes to this too. nice one r_t atob and/or gloomp.

/me makes note

to nominate this for DDA of the year next year.

(Inspired's map involving a short towerloop section got nominated, so why not this? :D)


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i don't like it
the tree looks bad the dda is not cool and the drone placment is boring

Nice job!



Seeing the ninja go around in the dda part somehow makes me feel happy :)
And sooo not original >:(


This snow globe is hot like flame

0th on Nreality.

Nice one Inspired.
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The whole this is pretty cool.

This is fantastic.

Very cool.

happy birthday roma!


almost a jump only completion; I dunno if it's possible.
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22 frames faster that miststalker.
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10 frames faster than tro.
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oh wow

thanks guys!

And yes Inspired, thanks for your ideas, I only didn't use it because it couldn't give the tree a texture, and it didn't look like a snow globe. Though your idea to use the seekers as baubles was excellent and I thank you for that.