Chicken Boo, What's the Matter With You?

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch orange unrated vent vent-map yahoozy
Created 2010-12-06
Last Modified 2010-12-06
Map Data

Description Vent map with Orange and Yahoozy!

Rules, in order:

1. Fill in 1-3 tiles at the borders and round the edges.
2. Make an island in the top-right quadrant.
3. Make another island along the bottom of the map.
4. Make a grid of helpful objects in the top left corner.
5. Engineer the bottom island so that the player cannot pass from one side of the map to the other while underneath it.
6. Place an aggressive enemy beneath the helpful grid.
7. Place the exit on the top-right island.
8. Place at least two horizontal-facing thwumps.
9. Create a minefield on the bottom island.
10. Place a floorguard and add an incentive to drop from the top to the bottom of the map.
11. Create some hanging tendrils from one of the islands.
12. Place the ninja on the top-right island.
13. Place shitloads of gold everywhere.
14. Place a launchpad.
15. Place one locked door.

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this map is all over the place.
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ohj shit man whaty th ehll wher e was i going
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Also, i loved the mechanic on the right side.

thats your opinion

you can think what you want

That's interesting.

They must have asked to collab before I did. You get a ton of respect points for doing it all in the right order. I wouldn't believe for a second that you just forgot about ours.

Nice guy!

It plays ok.
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