Independence Day

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Author MiBeM
Tags author:mibem dronerace finland hard unrated
Created 2010-12-06
Last Modified 2010-12-06
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Description No, this is not about that movie, it's the Independence Day of Finland!
This map is a drone race. Actually, 3 different drone races in one map. And it looks like the flag of Finland (use Nreality to see the picture)! Hauskaa itsenäisyyspaivää kaikille suomalaisille :)

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I never could get out of the first section while grabbing all of the gold. The rocket always hit me in the back and made this a very frustrating experience.

4,5/5 ^

Really funny to sr. Amazing timing with drones.

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I'm a finn too!

Another Finn here!

speed (not too fast)
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