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Author apse
Tags action author:apse contesque featured playable rated
Created 2010-12-10
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 12 people.
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This map was featured on 2012-09-16

cove is a map that just demands to be explored, not just by gold-seekers, but by thieves and runaways too. apse is amazing at creating maps that not only are entertaining but puzzling and complex as well. The puzzle here is how to get the floorguard out of the way so that you can get to the exit trigger. The drones are actively guarding their narrow tunnels, and the gauss show no mercy. He’s placed mines all around though, so you’ve gotta be careful if you wanna make it out of the cove in one piece. — Aidiera

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fun, pretty,

they ares quite a-maze-ing. Terrible pun lol 5aved. death demo
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This is one hell of an exploration map.


...faster Speed Run...

...YIN-everything was placed very well the drones,floorguard,guass, and the mines too!,the tiles are amazing, and the cave feel is perfect...

...YANG-idk the wall jump off the launchpad is frustrating some times...

...very easily a 5/5...
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Most people recognize how good he is.


i'm chuffed!

apse is underrated?
Is he?
He's amazing!

great choice!


One of the most underrated mappers. Great choice, I love these drones and paths.

Decent agd.

I love how the drones work and how it looks. 5aved.
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showing an alternate way to get that top gold. whether it can be incorporated into an agd, i don't know. it was the way i intended to get that gold.
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here's that AGD

the first drone can be bypassed sooner, which means the second one can too, but i cant do it often enough, so this is pretty slow. oughta been improvable by several hundred frames, maybe even sub-2000
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incredibly crafted.

i like the floorguard, just dont like taking such a long path. i might get and agd later. 5/5

amazing structure

you never cease to impress

loved the start

with the drone and that.