Laser Burn & Laser Dodge

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Author Droqen
Tags action author:droqen laser lasers medium unrated
Created 2010-12-11
Last Modified 2010-12-11
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Map Data

Description Good morning! These lasers... they do not love you. They never do.

How simple do you like your levels?

Also: What do you think the minimum number of laser shots incurred could be for this level? My guess: TWO is not too hard, JUST ONE is challenging, and NONE AT ALL is entirely impossible.

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Fun map!
Demo Data


Made a demo. Don't usually do this with my own maps but this is a fun exception!

Glad you guys like it :D
Demo Data

Demo Data

nice map

one of the few maps i've seen that draws on the unpredictability of lasers.
Demo Data

This is great.

great job, broman