fire vs fire

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fun gold rated simple
Created 2010-12-11
Last Modified 2010-12-11
by 7 people.
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Description I new type of map for me I have played it a lot and really enjoyed it so here you go ded to whoever wants it.

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Once again...

Awesome - you've become really good! AGD:
Demo Data

NReality [] is here to download ;D

yeah. u do the tiles. :)

Hehe. Thank you. :D

Hey dude.
Nice to see you again. :D
Do you wanna collab with me? :)

I like it.

Some parts are a bit sketchy (the beginning) but otherwise it's cool.

Mmm, sure.

I'll playtest.


I make curvy curves with my imagination. Nothing more to it, sorry. :V


what would you like to know?


It's all in the wrist. :p

Oh, hahaha.

I should probably be working on my essay too... XD


You start.


Dude! D: Can you atleast be around?

Howdy ultimate :D

Been on a hiatus yourself, but a bit of a longer one than me. We both need to map more xD

'sup reading?

Good to see you around.



Fun map.

Well designed.
Demo Data


Demo Data