Dead Star Falling (Wormwood)

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Tags 15mm action author:zthing deadstar muse rated zmap
Created 2010-12-12
Last Modified 2010-12-12
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Tired of fighting?
Are you tired of fighting yourself?

You're wasting and burning out.
You're fading like a dead star.

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up some style lately. Really cool. 5/5aved. Again.

Green Day sucks...

Up the irons!

you are amazing

like really.


awesome approved

no, seriously

thanks for making my profile look that beautiful!


Sorry for the late RCE. I like the repeated tile effect. The top poart was a bit more fun for me, a bit more free, but overall, I liked the contrast. For a 15mm, this is a solid 4.


Forgot to mention this was a 15mm. It was rushed. I got bored and decided to see how fast I could make a decent (using that word loosely here) map. Took about 13 or 14 minutes. Thanks for all the feedback!


I liked your other recent maps better. This one feels too unpolished and rushed imo.

I also felt like the bottom part wasn't balanced too well, the rocket/thwummp combo could probably do with a tad more open space (?)

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not bad. inner part got kinda cramped.
I wasn't saying you were mean, I was referring to map_making_monster. Thanks for the comment :)


This is a pretty linear action map, so I would appreciate you posting as many demos as you can manage. AGD's and speedruns welcome!
Demo Data

bluddy hard


most interesting