Mountains of Sugary Sweetness

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Author map_makin_monster
Tags author:map_makin_monster bounceblocks hard rated
Created 2010-12-12
Last Modified 2010-12-12
by 6 people.
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Description This is my second experiment with bounceblocks.

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I like it.

almost an AGD

I chickened out for that last one.
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4.5 rounded up.

it was just too awkward. while the concept had some potential, it was not executed particularly well. i found i was easily trapped on the edges of the map because the walls further restricted my movement, meaning dodging seekers even more difficult. a little space between the bounceblocks and the walls might clear this up.
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yes very annoying :P

wery fun

but most annoying..
stil, it's just an experiment.. rye?
so 4


I might use this.

3,5/5 rounded up

Fun with simplicity.
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