Temple of Aeolus

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Author Bl3wolf
Tags action author:bl3wolf collab rated
Created 2010-12-14
Last Modified 2010-12-14
by 6 people.
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Description First map of a double collab between da_guru and me.
I uploadet the first one, i did the most work on it, the second one will be post by da_guru next day, in which he did the most of work. ;)

So have Fun by playing. ;)

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perfection. favourited. TBF
It should be featured

I want this featured. >:O


Just because. :)
Demo Data

Death demo

With a quite unexpected glitch by the exit switch.
Demo Data


Demo Data

horrible death demo

this was constructed with the exception of the first room, which wasn't really thought out properly in my opinion. for a bit, i was flummoxed as to how i could get the two switches; that part was very well done. good dronepathing.
Demo Data