X Marks the Spot

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Author ConfusedCartman
Tags author:confusedcartman playable puzzle unrated
Created 2005-12-08
Last Modified 2005-12-08
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Map Data

Description This is my first submitted map. I thought it gives a challenge to seasoned N players, so I decided to post it. It is a medium-sized map, but I think it is well worth the wait. I would like constructive critisism, so if there is a way I could improve this, please tell me. Also, if you manage to beat it, post the Demo Data if you can. Thanks!!


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i completed it but i think i kinda missed the point of the puzzle i shall try again...
Demo Data


here's one way of doing it
Demo Data


here's one way of doing it
Demo Data


took me awhile to figure out how to do it


Thanks for the tips. I accept any kind of critisism. I even re-tested my map after Nemetacyst said it was too hard. Thanks again!


this maybe too easy... i cant believe nemetacyst cant beat it. try not to use too much gold in these type of maps. also different enemies to make it more challenging. good job though. 3.5


I beat it

I can't........

I can't give a demo because that would give away the answer. There is only one way to do it, and I don't want to ruin it. If enough people cannot complete it(which I doubt), THEN I will post a demo. OK?

heres an idea

why dont you play test it

that way, it may actually be possible

go ahead and try to prove me wrong

honestly, i want to see it done, but i refuse to believe it untill i see a demo, that is, a demo for each way