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Author ethel
Tags author:ethel featured jumper rated relaxed
Created 2010-12-19
Last Modified 2010-12-19
by 22 people.
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Description My first jumper in too long, this ones pretty laid back and has some variety.

This map was featured on 2011-02-20

When I’m lazily lurking through the corridors of the NUMA archive, peering at maps that are on display on the walls, the word ‘jumper’ on the tag below the mantle-frame seems to frighten me to my soul. Jumpers are stressful. They seem to destroy my shift key and more so my left pinkie… But this is different. Expecting to experience terminal velocity, explode, slide and most of all die – something else happened, something spectacular. My fear was overridden; it was so laid back, chilled and relaxed, so lacking of fraught that in my euphoria I finally became…


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speed demo
Demo Data

Woah shit!

Thanks everyone, and superstardom :) I was gone all yesterday so I didn't see this.

grats ethel!!!!!!!
great jumper

but I do enjoy how this one doesn't seem to be wish to kill me as much as most.

woah this is cool, nice map!
Demo Data

Slow AGD-2.

There is too much gold up top. That's the only bad thing. 4.
Demo Data

didn't like

has a nice difficulty for a jumper and the tiles look sweet, but the gameplay is really awkward for me.
faved for later.

No, I'm not fbf.
You could probably cut off the top section. Makes the whole map easier to keep with the theme elegantly and simultaneously adds more routes for an AGD. What I could do with my skills was fun, though.

This is good!

Well done.


normal speed.

I really like this. There's a good theme with the tiles, there are difficult jumps, and it looks good.
Demo Data

Agd (underclocked)

This is a really nice jumper.
Took me some times to get that demo but i think that a good highscorer can easily beat me ^^
Demo Data

Looks like a pretty decent map to me.

I like this

tough but still a great time...faved.

This is nice.

Good work.

good one

Very awesome!

I love jumpers, and this one in particular. The tiles are really simple but elegant, and the gameplay you have set up here is interesting and methodical. I'm very intrigued by this map's ability to survive serious playtesting. 5/5.
that is why my ninja is pink.

slow agd
Demo Data



Looks good

First try completion.

It is pretty laid back.

Demo Data


Great jumper!
troll. XD




And woah, someone(s) liked my map apperently.


really, this is.