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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch bottleneck hard rated
Created 2010-12-23
Last Modified 2010-12-23
by 17 people.
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Description all gold is practically impossible*, though i would like to see it done for novelty purposes.

also, did you die in the shaft many times over?

congratulations, you are a human.

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to claim it was the "most thrilling experience possible" is quite an arrogant thing to say. I meant the best I could do given the fact that there are relatively few enemies, and the suspense has a larger role.

And that half tile gap doesn't like you either.


so me and nevershine are workin on this map for our collab group The-Riot [] and we were wondering if you would like to be a guest mapper! if you are interested here is the unfinished map []. perhaps you might like to join The-Riot as well (:

gimme a shout if your interested!

cool thumbnail.

not so much fun going through that tunnel. Fixed your double comment.
But I didn't finish the map ;_;
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flag: yeah, under the drone is possible. Over the drone also possible. But you've gotta be quick if you don't want to be hindered by it.

Thanks folks.

Fastest AGD-1

I like it. The shaft didn't actually seem overly difficult to me once I kinda got in the flow of it. I'm also curious about the drone though, I was trying the same thing as Flag and I was barely dying.
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I gave up on the shaft sometime ago, but I'm wondering about the beginning. Did you time this drone path out, and I'm just too slow?
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I think the title really fits the map though.

Too goddamn much.



4 is low?

Thanks for the comments. :)

But rated 4, don't think that i rated it low because of my hatred ^^ I respect spent effort on it.
Wonder why it has got a 3, but i agree it could be better.

kinda cool but

that shaft made me rage so hard i didn't want to play the map


I hate that gold
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only a thumbnail if you dont hover over it, also forgot to rate, 3.5^


I like your honesty, also.

Finally, a thumbnail. :)

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my first try, i ran strait into the drone -_-

Well done!

Nice first shot. I'm impressed.

...first try
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son of a bitch!

lost it at the end there.
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Also, dedicated to