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Author Njitsu
Tags author:njitsu best-word-ever rated
Created 2010-12-23
Last Modified 2010-12-23
by 6 people.
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Description 200th map!

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This is awesome!

Funny death
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you have a map called schadenfreude? :O


Didn't even realise that this word was from a previous map of mine :D
She said scheeya ladenfreude,

He waschn't good enough for her!


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Fast completion.

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my 400th is also on the horizon!


A bit better.
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forgot the demo

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Pretty good and happy 200th.
Didn't get the 3 gold at the top.
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slow completion

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Second try. Congrats on 200!
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exit switch

= double jump off the bounceblock :P

thanks for the comments

Happy 200!

Map works really well, I have difficulty getting the exit switch, but that's probably just me ;)

Grats on 200.

Really, really good map to.