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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson rated
Created 2010-12-27
Last Modified 2010-12-27
by 13 people.
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Description Okay, this map is an experiment in suspense. I wanted to create the most thrilling playing experience possible and I think I did a good job. I encourage you to grab the gold /after/ getting the key. I hope you'll notice how much more difficult and dramatic such an easy section becomes after you've got the former portions of the map completed.

The minejumper section is quite tough, but this is not without purpose. The harder the section is proceeding the final challenge, the more suspenseful the map becomes. If you simply can not complete the map, take out a few mines so that you can.

Also, I tried to fill the map with mines progressively, to where getting the key is the hardest part of the map, while grabbing the gold remains the climax. Enjoy!

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League of Legends
I'd never thought about how to design suspense in a map before, good job!
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Tense stuff.

I had fun.
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I really like this.

But the most thrilling playing experience possible? C'mon.

It's tense, though. And I really like the object layout. Shame about that half-tile gap though ...
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this is great

I particularly liked how you constructed the upper section. such minefields aren't very easy to pull off that well, but you did a good job with that.

btw, our collab from ages ago is up! :)


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shut up

just, shut up
as much as you obviously did. progression was good. But I half agree with lord_day, progression after the key would of been nice too. or at least somehow constructing it so it stayed at a moderate level rather than becoming easy towards the end. the gold bit was a bit of a tense area after the key which was nice but other that that yeah
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Half of a demo.

I love how it's progressing.
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Faved alsooo awesome stuff

very old-school

very high quality stuff, blackson
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lord_day I think that as part of blackson's experiment the suspense was supposed to take the place of the mines difficulty on the way back, the only issue for me was that I thought the journey to the key was too short to really pull that off properly. I /do/ sort of wish that you were forced to wait until the end to grab the gold by placing a door key under the exit key as well, but you've essentially already said why you didn't.
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needed more

difficulty at the end. Or at least a longer stretch of difficulty.
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Pretty cool.

It would have been nice if coming back was harder than going to the key!



Faved as well.

I love the gentle progression and the metanet-esque styling.



Really great.
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My heart was pounding towards the end of this demo.
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